Our Tick, Flea, and Mosquito Formula for Pets and their Humans,

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Our formula is all natural and non-toxic. 
All of the essential oils are steam distilled and therapeutic grade

Active Ingredients:  Cedarwood Essential Oil 5%,
                                Citronella Essential Oil 1%
                                Geranium Essential Oil 1%

Inert Ingredients:  Distilled Water 87%
                             Pure Vegetable Glycerin 6%

If you live in the city and are around areas that occasionally may have ticks, if you live in the woods or if you hike in heavily wooded areas with your pet or alone, you will love our spray.  It works on all of those scenarios. Besides ticks, fleas & mosquitos, it protects against gnats, black flies and other flying insects.

Just like sunscreen, you can't use our spray once and think it will work all day long.  It is the aroma that REPELS the ticks, fleas, mosquitoes & other flying insects.  The aroma lasts roughly 2 hours.  After 2 hours, spray again.  As long as the aroma is there, you are protected!

Our formula comes in  8 ounce, ½ gallon and gallon sizes.

We have held off raising our prices.  Our prices have been the same since 2007.  Unfortunately every single item in our process has gone up.  We didn't want to do it but had to raise the prices with all of the costs rising.  The quality and results are unmatched!

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