It is the aroma that repels the ticks, fleas, mosquitoes & other flying insects: spray often, about every 2 hours. Spray between the ears, down the back and on all 4 paws, the neck, and the belly. You can also spray your hands and wipe on your pets cheeks (and on your own after you spray yourself), being careful not to get in yours or your pets eyes. It won’t do damage but it will irritate. If you accidentally get it in yours or your pet's eyes, flush with milk and then with water to flush the milk away. The essential oils are not full strength, they are mixed with glycerin.

When you are using it for yourself, spray up and down your body, front and back. It will not damage your clothing or your upholstery or bedding. It is not greasy.

We know it is a little more work than all the other repellents out there, BUT ISN’T YOUR HEALTH AND THE HEALTH OF YOUR PET WORTH IT?

We are passionate about this product because we know it works. Please let us know how you feel. Follow us on Facebook.

If you have a holistic vet or a natural pet store, or even a store that carries natural products, please call us and let us know. We will contact them to see if they would like to become our distributor in your area. You will get a 4 oz bottle for FREE!!! Call Kathy at 845 820 3778.

There are some essential oils that cats should not have; they are: cinnamon, lemongrass, oregano, clove, wintergreen, thyme, melaleuca oil (tea tree oil) and birch. They are so-called “hot” oils. None of these oils are in our spray.

Have fun being “Tick & Flea Free”!!!