May 2022 Update on About Us

As you can see, we've changed the banner on our page and we've changed our labels.  With heavy hearts we are very sad to say that we lost our Ruffy on 7/1/21. He passed away in my arms.  DeeDee, his litter mate, was experiencing health problems.  After Ruffy's passing she got progressively worse.  We had to make the very sad decision to let her go to be with Ruff so that she could be free of her confusion and pain.  On 9/27/21, we had a wonderful veterinarian from Lap of Love come to our home.  As sad and horrible, for us, as it was, Dr Marci Scarano, DVM, made it a beautiful experience because she was so gentle. She made sure that DeeDee did not experience any pain or anything that was negative.  It was a very peaceful passing and although extremely painful for us, we were happy that our DeeDee slipped peacefully to sleep as we all laid by her side in our home.  Ruffy was just shy of his 14th birthday and DeeDee made it to her 14th.  They were born on 9/4/07.  14 GREAT YEARS.  We miss them terribly!!!  I attribute their long healthy lives to the fact that we did not use toxic chemicals on them.  We also fed them homemade food.

Because No More Ticks was developed for them, in honor of our former pups, Beau, our golden retriever, and Coco, our first chocolate lab, we designed our first label with Ruffy's picture on it & our website and banners for our shows with both of their pictures.  After they were gone it was just too painful to continue with their pictures on everything so we decided to change it.  Over the years we've had many of our clients request a label that would be fitting for both pets and people. It was now time.  We've designed a new label in response to the many requests.  We will continue artisan producing our great, effective repellent for all of our loyal customers and our new customers so that we can be part of the solution that prevents tick bites for all of you and your pets. It's all about living happy, healthy lives without the aid of toxic chemicals.  We are passionate about that!!!  Thank you for your confidence and your continued support.