Our Tick, Flea, and Mosquito Repellent For People

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Our formula with the people label is the same as our formula with the dog label.
The only difference is their label.
They are both all natural & non-toxic. 
The essential oils are steam distilled and therapeutic grade.

Active Ingredients:  Cedarwood Essential Oil 5%
                                Citronella Essential Oil 1%
                                Geranium Essential Oil 1%

Inert Ingredients:  Distilled Water 87%
                             Glycerin 6%

If you live in the city and are around areas that occasionally may have ticks, this formula is for you.  If you live in the woods or if you hike in heavily wooded areas with your pet, this formula is also for you.  It is very effective in either scenario.

This formula can be used on your pets as well as yourself.  It is not greasy and will not stain you, your pet, your clothing, your upholstery or your bedding.

This formula comes in 8 oz