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Gonca, Reston, VA

I am very happy that I was able to find a great working tick repellent that is natural without all the chemicals that are being used in the usual repellents.  Thank you

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Laura in Renton WA

Hi Kathy,

I love it!  Love the smell and how easy it is to apply.  I have had several people ask about it too.  We have used it when we stay at a cabin in Anacortes WA where we know there are ticks.  Haven’t seen one since using the spray 🙂  Do you have smaller bottles?  I have two of the large bottles and it would be nice to have a travel size that I could carry in my purse or bag for small hikes.
Thank you for such a great product!!

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Sandy, New Milford, PA

Hi “No More Ticks”;
I’ve been a constant NMT user for about 4 years now and “knock on wood”, no ticks on me or the dog.
My vet was very surprised when I told him this.    We don’t use flea collars or other sprays.   It’s NMT only.   So when I told him our little puggle goes on daily romps in the woods, he was surprised.   He asked what I was using.     I have him the website and he is very interested in it for his wife’s horses.   He said the gnats really bother the horses ears and he was happy to hear I sprayed it on myself for that very reason!  Sandy, New Milford, NJ
Hello there…. Thank you for your product, love it, and used it along with my doterra terra-shield inside my camp tent while out with my son and the BSA. You could say… NO MORE SPIDERS TOO! Double Whammy Power – I tried the sample hair shampoo you gave me to try with my dogs, I think the spray bottle is not the type of application needed rather, I dumped it on them and it was better as a glob of shampoo. I bought the tick spray at super pet expo in chantilly VA. Thank you, just wanted you to know, love the essential oils, I wish more people could see that.
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Ryan Budd Lake, NJ

No more ticks is BY FAR the best product out for flea and tick prevention. Milo, our dog, is a long hair mutt. We were using a popular monthly product and founds ticks frequently. Since using no more ticks not one sighting. Works great on us too! Thank you for making such a safe effective product. Milo gives it two paws up!

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Randy Mouri

“I enjoy hiking and jogging through single track trails in Northern Virginia with our 3 dogs. We usually find several ticks among the pack. Since using NO MORE TICKS! last year, I only found one tick the entire season. I’m looking forward to another tick-free season this year.”

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Jill from Pine Bush, NY

It works!!!! Great stuff!!! I purchased the spray at the Pine Bush farmers market 2 yrs ago. I was hiking this past week and sprayed myself and my dog….we did not get one tick nymph on us. I just ran out and I ordered more. I met a guy in town that uses your product also..we both love it!”

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Alexa from Jackson

It WORKS!!!!!!   I used it for the whole season…never saw a tick.  I know other dog owners that have been using it and their animals have had no problem with ticks either…it’s great stuff!!!!
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