Wolf, Germany

We are horse owners of many Haflinger horses we are using for horseback riding and carriage driving.

We are living in an area where we are suffering from mosquitos as well as nasty horse flies from early summer to fall.

We also do find regularly a substantial number of ticks on the legs and around breast of our horses. During the last ten years, 2 horses developed borreliosis/lyme disease which our vet fortunately diagnosed early enough. After giving the horses appropriate medical treatment the infection got under control and did finally disappear.

We learned about “No More Ticks” visiting the US and got a sample from Mrs. Zdanowicz to try on the horses.

We were skeptical when applying the spray on our animals because we didn´t expect much effectivity.

Throughout more than 30 years of working with horses we have tried almost every bug, fly or tick repellant available on the market. Most standard products contain chemical substances that promise more or less long lasting relief for the animals.

We now can happily attest to you that this “No More Ticks” spray is exceeding in effectiveness all other liquid fly – bug – mosquito –tick repellents.

Spray a little on the body –especially at “sensible spots” – distribute some wetting your hands on the face of the horse – your horse is well protected and you enjoy an unmolested ride or carriage tour.

This is what I had to mention – No more ticks is great stuff!


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / With best Regards

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