Staten Island Green Belt

A Trail Through The WoodsThis weekend we went hiking on the blue trail of the Staten Island greenbelt. My son and I are getting ready for a trip to Cimarron, New Mexico at Philmont Scout Camp and our weekly hikes in the Greenbelt have been a wonderful way to get fit and forget we're in  New York City.

The Staten Island Greenbelt is the second largest component of the NYC Parks System. It has multiple trails over 2,800 acres of beautiful forest. The trails are easy to moderate with topography ranging from low level swampland to Todt Hill the highest level elevation south of Maine, which is 410 feet above sea level. There are 7 trails ranging from 1 mile to 7.2 miles with scenery from beaches to ponds to rolling hills.

You can visit the William T. Davis Wildlife Refuge, The Nature Center, Willowbrook park and it's Carousel, High Rock Park and you can see Pouch Camp and Latourette Golf Course to the sides of some of the trails. The scenery is beautiful and it will be hard for you to remember you are hiking through Staten Island as youenjoy the magnificent scenery.

To learn more visit NYC Parks Department Here

Remember to bring a bottle of "No More Ticks" because ticks are a natural hazard here as they are in most natural wildlife areas in the northeast. Enjoy yourself and be safe.

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