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It is the aroma that repels the ticks…..please make sure that you shake the bottle very well before you spray. All products are Vegan and no animal testing. Canadian and Foreign residents, please see below.

Distributor 3 Bottle Sizes

2 Oz. Bottle – $7.00

4 Oz. Bottle – $12.00

8 Oz. Bottle – $17.00

We have 2 formulas now.  We’ve recently added cedarwood essential oil to the original formula for extra protection against mosquitoes.You can choose between the original formula or the updated formula with cedarwood.  They are both the same price and both work really well repelling ticks & fleas, as well as killing mosquitoes…the cedarwood is more powerful for the mosquitoes.

We will automatically send you the new formula unless you indicate in the notes that you would like the original formula.  If you have any difficulty, please email us at:,  Your order will go out within 24-48 hrs.

Tick Repellent

Try our new stronger Fall formula. Available in 4oz bottles.

See below for the “people” label.

Stronger Fall Formula


We recently designed a new label that does not have a dog on it for our customers that do not have pets.  It is the same formula that is in the original bottle with the dog label.  Like the original bottle, we will send out the updated formula with cedarwood added for extra protection against mosquitoes. If you would like the original formula please let us know when you check out.

We have had people tell us that they like the aroma even though they don’t like cedarwood.  It is the combination of all 5 oils that makes the aroma pleasing.  At this time, it only comes in the 4 oz & the 8 oz.

New “People” label

1 Gallon Bottle

Canadian Residents Please Purchase Here


1 Gallon Bottle

For foreign shipping, please call us at 845 820 3778 or email at, for a shipping quote.