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Welcome to “No More Ticks ™”

     This is the last tick, flea and mosquito spray that you will ever buy, because it works. Simply Stated “No More Ticks ™” is the BEST!!!
Most importantly “No More Ticks ™” IS SAFE for dogs and cats (and their humans too)!! NOT JUST FOR DOGS!

     Besides our dog and cat clients, we’ve had many gardeners, hikers, campers and mountain bikers order our great repellent spray. They all love “No More Ticks ™” spray.

     Like so many pet owners, we did not want to use the dangerous and harmful chemical alternatives on our two chocolate labs or ourselves. “No More Ticks ™” spray has been tested for over 5 yrs. We developed this “All Natural” repellent in the Spring of 2009. Living an active out door lifestyle in a densely wooded area and never finding a tick and/or flea we knew it was proof positive that “No More Ticks” really does work.

“No More Ticks ™” is an effective, safe, all natural tick, flea and mosquito repellent. “No More Ticks ™” is composed of a proprietary blend of pure essential oils, distilled water, pure vegetable glycerin and catnip tea.

“No More Ticks ™” is safe and made in the USA.

Try our “No More Ticks ™” spray and you will be convinced.